How to make it easy to hire staff from your home university

Coding and data science are now widely recognised as vital skills for business, but they’re not always well-suited to getting on top of problems at home.

Many universities have an open access policy, meaning you can access data and data-related research through the university’s website or through a partner organisation’s online platform.

It’s not uncommon to see people working from home, though this can also be an opportunity to improve their skills.

Here are 10 ways to find the most effective way to hire, manage and retain your staff.


Open access at your university: If you can afford to, you can easily open up your university’s data and information resources to a wider range of people and to external researchers.

This means you can take advantage of research that is not covered by the university data-access policy, such as the use of data-rich analytics tools like Google Analytics and DataCamp, as well as social media analytics such as Quantcast.


Take advantage of open access to data: If a university’s open data policy is open, there’s a chance they’re already doing some of the things you need to do to recruit and retain top talent.

Open access to a university can allow you to look at how they’re doing in recruiting and retaining top talent, such that you can quickly decide which of your research projects or students are most promising.

Open data can also help you determine which projects are most likely to attract students or staff.

If you are unsure, consider a data analytics company such as DataStarter or the UK’s Open Data Partnership.


Take the data for yourself: If your university data is open for anyone to access, you’ll get to see the data that the university has on you.

This data could include data from your university medical records or your university employment history.

Data that you access through open data can be used by researchers to learn about you, as it gives them insight into your personal habits and preferences.

You can also access data about your family members and friends, and this data is often used by research teams to develop their workflows.

Open to external research and analytics companies and researchers?

Check out our Open Data Guide to learn how to get started.


Use data from outside your university as a guide: It’s often possible to get more insight into the performance of your university by taking data from external sources.

If there’s data available on your campus, there may be other researchers looking at the data, so you’ll need to get to know your peers to find out if the data is valuable to you.


Be open to different approaches to data analysis: Research teams should try to use data-driven approaches.

For example, you may want to compare your personal health to that of your team members and colleagues.

Other researchers may be interested in how your personal data is used by the team.

The idea here is to understand what kind of data they’re interested in and how that information will help them to understand your team.


Find out what data they need from you: If they’re using data from the university, they’re likely to want to use it to understand how to improve your university.

If your research project involves data collection and analysis from outside the university – for example, if you’re doing research on human intelligence or psychology – then you’ll want to see how that data is being used and to get the best value from it. 7.

Check out other universities’ open data policies: If there are open data and/or analytics policies at your school, you should check to see if they’re similar to your own.

Some universities’ policies might require you to obtain a data-usage consent, which is typically an agreement that you’ll have to accept when using your data.


Look into the use and impact of data mining: If the university you’re interested into doesn’t use open data or analytics, you might want to look into the impact that your data has on the university.

In some cases, researchers may have their own proprietary analytics tools that they’re building for them.

You might also want to ask questions about the data collection that’s being done, or to get information about how the university is using and managing your data, such it can provide insights into how they might use it in the future.


Make a plan to hire and train staff from home: As part of your recruitment process, you’re likely be asked to consider how well you’re hiring from home and how well your staff are performing in the workplace.

In this way, you could start to look for other ways to increase your workforce and to recruit staff from outside.

For instance, if your company is looking to hire new staff, you’d be interested to know how you can increase your recruitment and training process.

You could also look into ways to make your recruitment more flexible, such like the use, or the availability, of flexible

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