New York Times’ editorial team picks new writers for its staff

New York City’s New York Review of Books has announced a handful of writers to join its editorial staff.

The team includes former NYT reporters and editors including Jonathan Chait, Rachel Aviv, John Cassidy, and Ben Greenfield, as well as former Times columnist David Brooks and NYT managing editor Jill Abramson.

It also includes editor-in-chief Margaret Sullivan, who is also former Times managing editor David Brooks’s assistant and was recently named to the NYT Editorial Board.

Chait will be the new editor of the Times and will have the same responsibilities as Brooks, writing about news, politics, culture, and the arts.

He also will work closely with the editorial board, the Times’ largest audience, to produce op-eds and other content, which will be shared with readers and advertisers.

The new hires include Ta-Nehisi Coates, who wrote about race and the media, for the Times, and David Carr, who worked for the New York Post, on the Times op-ed page.

“This is a very exciting day for Ta-Wei,” the Times said in a statement announcing the hires.

“I look forward to continuing to serve the Times with great integrity, professionalism, and creativity.”

Chait, whose writing has focused on race, crime, and crime policy, will be joining the Times in his first post.

His previous assignments included the Post and New York Daily News.

He will also be writing about journalism, and his first book, The End of News, is scheduled for publication next year.

The Times is also adding new contributors.

It has added former editors Peter Baker and Steve Rosenthal, as of now, to its staff, as have a number of former writers, including Jonathan Alter, who recently left the NYT to take a job at the Center for American Progress.