Which jobs will you be able to fill in the next two years?

The job market in Canada has been recovering since the global recession, and now the federal government has announced new job creation plans.

However, the jobs available to Canadians won’t be all-new and all-firm.

As a result, you won’t find any jobs that pay more than $50,000 a year, according to the report.

And while some of those jobs will be open to Canadians who can afford them, others will be in the thousands.

Read moreThe job market has rebounded from the depths of the recession.

However the federal unemployment rate remains elevated and the economy is still experiencing major problems.

So while there are plenty of jobs out there for Canadians, there is no shortage of qualified candidates for those jobs.

Here are some of the top positions that Canadians will have the opportunity to fill.1.

Health CareManagerHealth care is the number one priority for Canadians this year, but many Canadians are still finding that the health care industry is hard to get into.

That’s where the Health Care Manager position comes in.

The job offers a combination of both a high level of knowledge and experience as well as a strong communication skills.

The salary range for this position is $100,000 to $180,000 per year.2.

AccountantThis position requires a solid background in accounting and financial management.

As part of the accounting department, the Accountant will be responsible for all aspects of the company’s financials, including tax filings, quarterly financial statements, tax forms and other financial information.

The Salary Range for this job is $125,000-$250,000 annually.3.

Public SafetyMinister for Public Safety, Security and Emergency PreparednessThe position is primarily responsible for the management of all aspects related to security, emergency preparedness and public safety, including staffing, security planning, and security management.

The salary range is $150,000-200,000 annual.4.

Director of Corporate CommunicationsThe role of director of corporate communications is a high-level position that is designed to ensure that all corporate communications activities are in a high state of readiness.

The position requires strong communications and management skills.

Salary ranges range from $50-75,000.5.

Health PolicyManagerThe role is primarily designed to address the complex challenges of ensuring quality health care for Canadians.

The positions requires knowledge and management of the management and oversight of the health and human services system.

The Job Openings for this role are $40,000 yearly and $60,000/year annually.6.

Legal AdvisorThe Legal Advisor is responsible for assisting the Minister in developing and implementing the Canada Health Act.

The position requires experience in the law and knowledge of the rules and regulations of the Canada and provincial governments.

The Salary Range is $90,000 monthly and $100k/month yearly.7.

Financial AnalystThe Financial Analyst is responsible with ensuring that all financial information and financial projections are accurate and complete.

The role requires knowledge of financial management, investment strategy, credit rating and debt management, as well a keen understanding of financial markets and trends.

The job pays $100/hour.8.

Public WorksManagerThe position of Public Works Manager is designed for those who are committed to building the country’s infrastructure, ensuring that Canadians have safe and dependable public transport, and maintaining public safety.

The Job Opening for this title is $70,000 for an annual salary.9.

Senior Administrative AssistantThe Senior Administrative Associate will provide administrative support to the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry.

The Responsibilities include the day-to-day management of staff, administration of departmental records, and providing assistance to staff members in their respective roles.

The Payroll Salary Range ranges from $100-150,00 per month and $150-180,00 annual.10.

Information TechnologyManagerThe Information Technology Manager (ITM) will be focused on managing the IT services required by the Government of Canada.

The Role will involve managing the technology infrastructure of the Government, supporting the Government’s IT systems in the management, operation and security of its computer systems, as required.

The Jobs are $70-80,000 hourly, $75,00/hour/year.11.

Senior Communications SpecialistThe Communications Specialist will provide support to senior management and staff on issues related to the communications system.

The Position requires an understanding of the technology, media, telecommunications and related applications, and a deep understanding of digital media and the web.

The pay range ranges from an hourly salary of $40/hour to $50/hour per year for the position.12.

Human ResourcesManagerHuman resources management is the highest priority in the department.

The roles of Human Resources Manager and Human Resources Operations Manager are similar, but are also located in different departments.

The Payroll salary range ranges $70-$90,00 annually.13.

Legal and Corporate CounselThe Legal and corporate counsel positions are focused on the management or administration of the departmental legal services.

The responsibilities

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