How a young man got a job in the auto industry

A 22-year-old auto worker from Tamil Nadu is making history by becoming the youngest person to work in an auto factory in India.

According to the Automotive Industry Association of India (AIAI), a non-profit organization that has taken up the job of training young people to work for auto manufacturers, Vashishvili is the first Indian to get the chance to work at an auto plant.

The young man is currently enrolled in an engineering course, but has no fixed job in mind.

Vashisyu, who is studying in a college in Bangalore, said he is interested in working in an industry that has been around for many years.

“I’m a bit shy of my age, but I am confident I can make it.

It’s a good opportunity to learn the job, and to work with a team.

There are many things to learn,” he said.

Vashisyus parents, Vasudeva and Anushankar, have also set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for his education.

The fund, set up on Tuesday, has already raised more than Rs1,200 from over 1,100 people.

The family has also set aside funds for the construction of a sports house for Vashyavas birthday party, which will be held in January.

Vishisyu said he would be willing to work as long as the company agrees to pay him Rs2,500 per month for a year, or Rs4,000 per month after that.

Vanishashvili has been working as a part time mechanic at the Auto India facility in Tamil Nadu’s Jamshedpur district.

The facility has a workforce of around 30,000, but he said there was a shortage of skilled workers due to the country’s manufacturing boom.

Vishyam, a resident of Jamshingpur, said that he has seen young people being trained in manufacturing from the age of 12, but Vashiyu has the potential to be an entrepreneur.

“He has the capability to make things better and is really willing to learn, and he has the right mindset to be a leader,” he added.

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