Man who used social media to bully a teenage girl in Australia ‘should be prosecuted’

The man who used Facebook to bully an Australian teenager for using a social media platform is being prosecuted in New South Wales for his role in the bullying.

The 19-year-old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been told her Facebook profile will be taken offline until she provides more details.

The girl, now 16, had been using the social networking platform to vent her frustrations about bullying, including a series of videos she posted online in 2015 and 2016 that showed her crying and crying in the face of abuse.

In one video, she can be heard crying as she said she had to “leave her life and get out of this country”.

“I am a teenage boy.

I don’t deserve to be bullied.

I’m not a normal kid,” she said in the video.

She has since changed her name and moved to Australia to live with her parents, who were forced to leave their home due to the violence and threats against them.

“I have done nothing wrong.

My name is Sarah,” she wrote in one post.

“You can’t just tell me that I am a bad person.

I am not.

I have never been in trouble with anyone.

I never did anything wrong.”

The teenager was told by her school and police that the bullying she had endured had not been reported to the police and her account was deleted after the bullying incident, but she continued to use Facebook to vent the frustrations and to seek support from others.

Her school counsellor told her to tell her family she was leaving the country to seek help and that she was not in danger, the girl’s school said in a statement.

Ms Al-Khattab said she was angry that her daughter was being bullied and that her parents had to leave Australia because of it.

“She was so scared to go back to Australia because she didn’t want to be seen by the people that bullied her,” she told the ABC.

Her school has now suspended the girl and her father, but not before they were told to come back in about a week to find out more.

Ms Alkhattab also wants her daughter’s account to be deleted, and said she would like her father to be prosecuted.

“My son is a young man and he has to learn how to live in this country,” she added.

This story is being updated.


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