‘No’ to ‘no’ to outsourcing in Australia’s job market

Australia’s human resources system is facing an unprecedented level of upheaval as companies scramble to attract and retain talent.

The latest figures show Australia’s total number of vacancies has reached its highest level in 20 years and the government has promised to spend up to $1 billion to ensure the sector remains competitive.

But a report by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and the University’s Centre for Human Resource Management (CHRM) warns that the situation is unlikely to improve any time soon.

“There are now more than 40,000 human resource jobs in Australia, and these are mainly in the private sector,” CHRM managing director Simon Williams said.

“The number of people out of work has doubled in five years, with employers scrambling to recruit, retain and develop staff.”

It is no secret that the Australian economy is becoming increasingly automated, so the pressure is on to improve productivity and retain the talent we have.

“And we have not seen this on an industrial scale.”

The CHRM report, which is due to be released on Wednesday, shows the number of job vacancies has tripled in five decades and the number unemployed has risen by more than 15% in just the last year.

In a bid to reduce the number and severity of these issues, the federal government is planning to invest in a new system called the Automated Job Offer and Transition (AJOT) scheme.

This will offer companies incentives to hire Australians, including the ability to increase or decrease the number, pay, terms and conditions of their contracts.

But the CHRM study warns that this will not be enough.

“We’re concerned about the cost to employers and the lack of a clear direction on how this system can be used,” Williams said in a statement.

“As the government looks to implement AJOT it’s important to ensure that it is based on sound business practice.”

Williams said the new system would be able to identify employers that would be most suited to hiring Australians and they would then be able offer incentives based on the number that would go to Australian workers.

“Our research suggests that the government should consider the possibility of a national employment offer scheme, with incentives tied to the number you’re recruiting for,” he said.

Williams also questioned why the government was planning to implement a new approach when there are already so many existing options for the industry.

“What is the real plan?

How do you go about identifying the employers who will best suit the scheme?

Are we going to use the existing human resource sector?

What is the strategy for employers?” he said in the statement.

Williams said there was also a lack of clarity around the impact of AJOT.

“Why is the government going to have to give incentives to companies when there is already a large pool of people who would benefit from the scheme?” he asked.

“And what about those who will have to compete with employers who may not have as much choice?”

Williams said it was also clear that the system was not well-suited to managing Australia’s ageing population.

“If we want to ensure our economy is sustainable we need to look at all options,” he added.

“I am particularly concerned about our ageing population because it will impact on the quality of life and the welfare of Australians.”

Williams believes that a better way forward could be to create a national workforce scheme that would reward employers that employ Australians, regardless of their age, gender, geographic location, or level of experience.

“To date, the Australian Government has chosen to focus on a one-size-fits-all approach to human resource management and we should consider a national scheme that could reward the employers that actually have the most experience, rather than the ones who have the least,” he argued.

“Employers who hire Australian workers can be rewarded with increased pay, flexible working hours, and benefits.”

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