How a pizza shop’s pizza delivery is transforming its employees

LOWE’S HUMAN RESOURCES is one of the top-rated restaurants in the country and a leading employer in Southern California.

It employs more than 10,000 people and is the largest restaurant chain in the world.

But a new documentary, called Sodexo Human Resources, has the restaurant in the news after the story of a young mother and her two young children who were fired from the pizza delivery service because they had not been paid.

In a series called “Sodexos Mom and Kids,” we learn about the lives of two mothers who, while raising children on their own, worked at a low-wage restaurant.

We talk to a few of the workers about their experiences, and learn about how they went from being a mother to a restaurant owner.

SodExo Human Resourc­es is based in Los Angeles.

It’s one of more than a dozen human resources companies, including the Pizza Hut and Wendy’s, that have been under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for allegedly failing to train employees about safe working conditions.

One worker, who asked to remain anonymous because she is not allowed to speak publicly about her experience, said she was hired by Sodexos when she was 15.

She was told her job was to deliver pizzas and take orders for people at the restaurant.

She worked four hours a day, six days a week, sometimes for more than six hours a minute.

“It was a very stressful job,” she said.

“We would wake up in the morning, work until noon, go to school, then go home.”

SodEXO says it is an employer that is committed to providing a safe work environment for its employees.

In the film, the woman says that she was told that she would receive a severance package for leaving the company.

She said she never received the money.

“They told me that they were going to deduct the money from my paycheck,” she told ABC News.

“They didn’t tell me that it was a severion package.

They didn’t say anything to me.”

She said she received a letter the following day from the company informing her that her severance payment would be withheld because she had not received the severance for her work.SODEXO is one in a series of companies that have had their human resources workers investigated for failing to properly train their employees about working conditions, according to the Occupation Safety and Quality Administration.

In another case, a former SodexO employee told that the company gave her a severage payment of $20,000 for working for them in an office job.

But she was only paid $8,000 because she was working more than 15 hours a week.

The human resources department at Sodexonys largest restaurant in Los Angelenos neighborhood is located at 1-800-832-7888.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the city’s Koreatown.

Soda King also has faced scrutiny in recent years for its poor training of employees about the dangers of lead exposure, and the company is under fire for using outdated and misleading advertising to promote its products.

The company said in a statement to ABCNews that “the company is committed with our customers and employees to ensuring a safe, comfortable and respectful work environment.”ABC News’ Mark Felsenthal contributed to this report.

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