How to find the best employer for you

Posted April 04, 2019 09:18:54 You might have to look elsewhere if you want to work at IBM.

But if you’ve been looking for a job for the past year, you’ll probably want to know which jobs are the most desirable.

The Globe and Mail’s job search app, the Job Finder, recently released its list of the most attractive employers in Canada.

In Canada, the top spots go to firms with a combined gross salary of $75,000 or more, or those with a median salary of at least $100,000.

Here are the top employers for women and men across all industries in Canada, and their median salaries.

Women: IBM and Siemens The two largest employers in Alberta, IBM and SAP, are both in the top 10 of the company’s survey.

The two companies are among a few Canadian employers that are among the world’s biggest.

But it is the company of the late IBM founder Bill Gates that is ranked as the top employer in Canada by the Job Builder database.

The software giant employs about 6,000 people in Canada and has more than 200,000 employees worldwide.

SAP has more employees in Alberta than any other company in the province.

In 2017, it announced it was opening up a $5-billion research and development facility in Edmonton.

The company is also Canada’s second-largest employer with about 7,000 jobs in Alberta.

IBM is in the same top 10, behind Siemens, for both genders.

The companies are both based in Waterloo, Ont.

The average salary for a senior engineer is $130,000, according to the Job Search app.

And while both companies have a reputation for producing high-quality work, they are also known for being more challenging.

The Job Finder says women tend to be more difficult to work with, with an average age of 40 and the average experience of two years, versus a decade and a half for men.

For women, the highest earning positions are at SAP and IBM.

The lowest earning positions for women are at Microsoft.

Women are overrepresented in senior roles at both companies.

SAP is the only one of the companies in the survey that has more female executives than male, according a CBC News analysis.

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