Hired to help you plan a career change

In April, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt said that the company was hiring more than 50,000 human resources professionals in the US.

This week, the search giant announced it has hired 1,000 more.

While the hiring spree may seem like a positive sign, it also raises concerns about Google’s ability to properly vet candidates and keep them from leaving the company.

“Google has made a concerted effort to increase the number of human resources employees at its global headquarters in Mountain View, California, but it may not be enough to adequately manage its talent,” a report by the consulting firm McKinsey & Company said.

The company has said that it will only hire candidates for the full time positions in the company’s global HQ.

That means that if a person wants to leave Google for another job, they will have to go through a lengthy process and interview at Google HQ, which could take a long time.

McKinsey, which also worked on hiring Google’s chief talent officer, Johnathan Dolan, this year, has raised concerns that the search company has been unable to effectively vet candidates.

“Many candidates are simply ignored,” McKinsey wrote.

“In one case, an employee of a global team was told by a recruiter that she did not have the skills to join Google,” McKinley wrote.

Google’s hiring spree in the past year has been especially notable given that it has been in a hiring slump since it hired its new COO, Jolyon Maugham, in May.

Maughams predecessor, Eric Schmidt, had recently taken a leave of absence to focus on his personal life.

Schmidt is one of the company and Google’s top executives, and has long had an affinity for the company, especially when it comes to Google+.

His wife, Carla, is the CEO of the search firm’s parent company, Alphabet.

It is unclear if Schmidt has any role in Google’s recruitment efforts or if he was hired because of his wife’s position.

Google is currently recruiting more than 4,000 people across the US and Canada, according to the company—a total of almost 25,000 candidates.

However, the company said that there are still more than 100,000 vacancies in the country, and the hiring effort is only getting better.

Google has been aggressively recruiting since the summer.

In June, it announced that it would be expanding its search engine by more than a million employees, including about 1,500 more employees in Mountain Home, California.

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