What You Need to Know About the Comcast Hiring Freeze

When Comcast employees began to notice a significant drop in the number of requests for job applications over the past year, they decided to call in a hiring expert, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Comcast hired former Google executive and Harvard business professor Dan Ariely to help identify those who were being over-represented.

Ariele says he didn’t anticipate such a drastic change in the way applicants are hired.

“What I didn’t realize is that when you take away the people that were being asked for those job applications, they were almost exclusively people that have already been in the industry for a long time,” Arieley told the Journal.

“We were not expecting to see that kind of a significant increase in the amount of applications.”

Ariely’s research also revealed a common trend among the most qualified candidates: They often work for larger companies that have more resources.

“That suggests that there’s a correlation,” Ariesles study said.

“If you are a highly qualified candidate, it means you have a greater number of resources and they are able to recruit you faster.”

While this is not the first time Comcast has cut back on hiring for its own employees, it is the first public indication that the company has a strategy to tackle the shortage of qualified applicants.