When is it ok to use the word ‘fuck’ in an online discussion

By John Furlong/Staff writerThe word “fuck” is one of the most widely used in India, which is increasingly grappling with how to handle it in public discourse.

The term was used by a former Indian cricket captain to describe a derogatory word used by Pakistanis in an incident during the 2014 World Cup when they insulted the Indian team by calling them “fuckers”.

The derogatory term was subsequently banned in India by the Indian government and the country’s Supreme Court last year.

The Supreme Court decision prompted a number of states to make similar moves, including the state of Gujarat, which made it illegal to use “fucking” in public speech.

The word has been banned in a number India-based internet service providers’ advertisements in India.

However, the Indian media is reporting that, for the past few months, it has been legal to use it in online conversations.

The news has led to heated debates over the use of the word in the context of politics.

While many Indians have condemned the use, many others have defended it, including former cricket captain Rahul Dravid, who said he uses the word to “express my disdain for any society that thinks that it has the right to judge people by the colour of their skin.”

According to an article on the Indian Express website, a person who uses the term “fuck you” is said to be insulting, or has insulted the person by calling him “faggot” or “dickhead”.

But while the Indian Government has said that it will enforce the ban, the use is not necessarily illegal.

According to the article, it is not illegal to “use words that have negative connotations in a political context”.

According to India’s Code of Conduct for Press Professionals, “a journalist should always use an appropriate language to express an opinion.

The journalist should not use derogatory or demeaning words to express his or her views.”

However, when it comes to the use in online discussions, the Code of Ethics states that it is illegal to say things like “I am a faggot”, or “I hate you”, in a private conversation.

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