Human Rights Watch Calls for International Investigation of Sri Lankan Labor Lawsuit

In an article published on Tuesday, Human Rights Campaign, a leading U.S.-based human rights advocacy group, called on the Sri Lankans government to conduct an international investigation into the allegations against long-term employee Yevgeniy “Jee” Vaziri.

“The Sri Lankian government has failed to investigate these allegations and, as a result, has exposed itself to significant and serious allegations of human rights violations,” said Human Rights Director Robert Kaplan in the article.

“As we have seen with the cases of Sri Lanka’s warlords and the military, Sri Lanka has an obligation to conduct thorough investigations into these allegations, but in this case the government has chosen to ignore the allegations and to silence victims.”

The Human Rights campaign, which has also launched a civil rights investigation of the Sri Lanka government, said the allegations of abuse leveled against Jee Vazir by the Sri Lananese human rights groups are “totally without foundation and completely without merit.”

“It is essential that the Sri-Lanka government immediately and thoroughly investigate the allegations,” said Kaplan.

“We call on the government to publicly release any documents that may shed light on the allegations, including a complete and thorough investigation into Jee’s alleged abuse.”

Human Rights groups have also launched civil rights investigations into the Sri Lankanese government.

Last month, Human Right Watch called for the SriLankan government to open an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse in the workplace against the country’s labor minister.

“Sri Lanka’s government has long been under international pressure to investigate the sexual abuse allegations against its minister of labor,” said Ali Fadel, director of the Global Labor Rights Program at Human Rights Foundation.

“But the government of Sri Lanka is not only failing to investigate, but also shielding senior officials in the labor ministry and other senior officials, including the prime minister and his top deputy, from prosecution and even arrest.”

The Sri Lankanian government has consistently dismissed Human Rights violations.

The Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission has said the Sri Laans Labor Minister is not responsible for the alleged abuses.

In a statement on Tuesday evening, the Sri Luks Labor Ministry denied the allegations made against Jees Vaziris family and said the government was “looking into the matter.”

The government has not responded to the Human Rights organizations’ request for comment.

The case against JEE Vazirers family in the United States has not yet been officially filed.

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