How to avoid the negative stereotypes of your coworkers

In my current role as an HR professional, I’ve seen a lot of negative feedback about how HR professionals in general are sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and transphobic.

These are all stereotypes that I see constantly.

And I know they’re all wrong, so I’ve put together a checklist that helps you avoid these stereotypes when interviewing your coworkers.

Here’s how to avoid them.


Make sure your coworkers are nice to each other.

Let’s face it, your coworkers don’t want to be judged on your race or ethnicity.

So, make sure they know you’re welcome and that you care about them.

It can be hard to say that to your coworkers, especially when you’re new to HR.

So try to be welcoming, and don’t take things personally.

If you have a lot to say, make a big deal out of it, and let them know you love them.


When talking to your colleagues, make it clear that you value their opinions and opinions are valuable.

If your coworkers disagree with you, make that clear.

And if they don’t agree with you or they disagree with your opinion, tell them that they have a right to say so.

And when you do this, make an effort to make the conversation a positive one.

If the conversation turns into a debate about your opinions, be sure to be nice and acknowledge your colleague’s right to disagree with yours.


Make it clear when your coworkers have something they want to say about your company.

If they don, tell it to your co-workers, and make sure to tell them about it before you make a comment.

You want to make sure you say something that’s meaningful, that your co, or their co-worker can see.


Make an effort not to judge someone by their looks.

There’s no reason to judge your coworkers based on their appearance.

And no reason why you should.

When you’re interviewing your co workers, make them feel like they’re valued and appreciated, and you’ll know that your coworkers will treat you with respect.

If someone looks different from you, you won’t be judged for being different, so make sure that when you say your boss is nice, that you don’t use that as an excuse to judge him or her.


When discussing an issue, don’t get defensive.

People are people.

Don’t feel like you have to defend your position or your employer.

Instead, be humble, honest, and considerate.

Ask about what other people think, and ask them if they’d like to share their thoughts with you.

It’s much better to share with your coworkers than to feel defensive and try to defend them.


When someone disagrees with you in a comment, don: Take their perspective.

If a comment you made is unpopular, take it personally and explain why you don’s position.

If it’s a serious comment about an important topic, ask why you think it’s important.

And don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.

If everyone is doing that, you’re not being respectful.

If one person is disagreeing with you and you can hear their voice, ask them to stop and explain themselves.


If there’s something you’d like someone to share, make the offer directly.

If not, be open to sharing what you want to share.

It doesn’t have to be something you agree with, but if someone feels you have an opportunity to talk about an issue that isn’t addressed in the comment, they might be willing to do so. 8.

When sharing something that you think is important, use common sense.

If something is important to you, but you don’ t think you can share it, make another comment.

If no one replies to your comment, make your comment private.


Don’ t let a negative comment get to you.

This can be a real problem for a lot more than one person.

If two people feel you’re making a bad decision, ask one of them to take a break.

If this happens, make yourself available for your co worker to answer questions.

If their co is unavailable, give them a break, and try again the next time you see them.


Don t use social media to vent.

This is probably the most obvious one, but it’s also the one that I think most HR professionals are guilty of.

If people are talking about you, that’s not a good thing.

If anyone you’re talking to mentions you on social media, try to avoid sharing it publicly.

It could lead to a negative feedback cycle, and it could be an easy way for your boss to see you as a threat.

If that’s the case, don’T let it get to your head.

Instead of sharing your negative thoughts online, consider sharing your positive ones on LinkedIn, Twitter, or another social media platform that’s focused on HR and HR related issues.

Keep it civil,

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