How to get your boss to be your friend

A new report says that if your boss is friendly and supportive of your goals, you can earn the trust of your boss.

The report, from the McKinsey Institute, surveyed more than 5,000 employers in the United States and Canada.

Here’s how to be the friendliest boss you can be. 1.

Don’t tell your boss you’re leaving 2.

Be upfront with your boss about the decision to leave.

Tell your boss that you’ll be taking a leave of absence for up to six months.

The company may ask for a severance package.3.

If you’re taking time off to care for a child or a spouse, tell your manager that you need time to spend with those people.

You’ll want to tell your new boss that it’s important that they understand what it’s like to have a child and spouse at home.4.

Tell the boss that your family is important to you and you’re grateful for the support you get from your employer.5.

Tell everyone in your company that you’re retiring, including your boss, to tell everyone else that you’ve retired.


Tell employees that they have the right to decide if they want to be on your team.

If they do, say that you and the rest of the team have agreed to keep your job.

You might be able to earn their trust.7.

Make sure you tell everyone about your plan to take time off.

The more information you can provide, the better.8.

If your company is a public company, make sure you can explain to your bosses that you will be taking time to care of your family.9.

If it’s a small company or a nonprofit organization, make clear that you expect employees to continue working for the organization.10.

Make it clear that the plan is to stay on for at least six months after your leave.11.

Give your boss a list of reasons why you are leaving.

If there are no reasons, talk about the importance of your retirement.12.

If possible, let your boss know that you don’t have a job to show for your retirement, but that you appreciate the company’s support.13.

Let your boss decide whether or not to make the move that is most beneficial to you.

Make the move when it is in the best interest of both you and your company.14.

Ask your boss if you can tell the boss anything about your retirement plan, including the amount of time that you plan to spend on your family during retirement.15.

Make clear that this is your decision to make.

Don the company a big, heartfelt thank you for its support and the time you put in to make this happen.16.

Explain the benefits of your plan, such as the financial benefits of keeping your job, the ability to retire at a younger age, and the reduction in your workload.17.

Ask for a letter from your boss explaining the benefits and how you’ll continue to be a valued employee for the next six months and beyond.18.

If the company is small or nonprofit, tell the manager that your retirement will be in the form of a lump-sum payment.19.

Tell them that you are going to retire with a plan that includes regular, weekly payments.20.

Ask them to make a commitment that if you leave the company in the next 12 months you will get paid the lump sum payment.21.

Tell a friend or family member that you would like to retire, and ask for advice about whether you should wait for the retirement benefits to be paid.22.

Tell others in your workplace that you’d like to quit your job and take a job with a nonprofit or public company.23.

Tell people in your business that you want to quit, but you’ll still need the support of your company in order to do so.24.

Tell those close to you that you have been thinking about quitting your job for a while and that it would be great to retire early.25.

Tell family members and friends that you love them and that you wish they would do the same.26.

Tell employers that you wouldn’t be doing this if you didn’t think you were important.27.

Tell coworkers that you think the company would be a better place without you.28.

Make an appointment with your manager to discuss your retirement plans.29.

Ask coworkers and managers to support you financially during retirement, including by giving you a bonus if you’re still working.30.

Tell you your employer has offered to help you retire at no cost.31.

Tell someone at your company or company sponsor if you have any concerns about how your retirement could be handled.32.

Share with them the steps you took to make sure your retirement was a good one.33.

Ask employees to write down your retirement savings, your total retirement income, and how much they would like for you to have when you retire.34.

Make a written note about how you plan on spending your retirement in retirement.35.

If a company offers a retirement package,

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