Facebook employees tell of harassment of transgender workers

Facebook employees say they were subjected to “unwelcome and degrading comments” by their managers over the course of their career.

In an open letter published Wednesday by BuzzFeed News, employees from Facebook’s human resources department describe a pattern of discrimination against transgender employees in which management would often refer to them as “men” and “women” and referred to their gender as “the wrong one.”

Facebook says it will “continue to address these issues” but said it will not stop using its platform to address discrimination.

Employees say they have been forced to live in fear and silence, while Facebook and other technology companies have struggled to change the culture.

The human resources director at a company that has a $30 billion valuation and employs nearly 2,000 people wrote that Facebook employees have suffered from “unfathomable” workplace harassment, including “sexualized comments that were derogatory and degrading, and harassment and bullying.”

In response to BuzzFeed News’ report, Facebook issued a statement on Wednesday saying that “in our first month, we’ve taken steps to address the issues highlighted by our employees.”

We believe that we have a team of people dedicated to addressing the issues raised in this letter and will continue to address them, Facebook said.