Human rights group says it’s looking for $3 million for human trafficking cases

Human Rights Watch has launched a campaign to raise money for victims of human trafficking, as well as for victims themselves.

The US-based rights group said it was looking for at least $3.5 million to pay for legal and legal aid for the families of victims and to hire lawyers to help with legal representation.

In the US alone, it has reported more than 10,000 people being held in the US as forced labourers.

“The United States remains the only country in the world where people can be forced to work in dangerous conditions for no compensation, and the victims often live in extreme poverty,” said Jennifer Cafarella, the US director of Human Rights Now, in a statement.

The group said in a news release that it was also calling on governments to adopt a new policy that would allow victims of forced labour to claim for the legal expenses of the employers, as opposed to the employers themselves.

Human Rights Day: what you need to know about the day that became global Human Rights day Read more Human Rights groups are also calling for the US government to ban all US-made products made by multinational companies.

The Human Rights Campaign, a Democratic party advocacy group, has called for a boycott of US-owned products until such time as US politicians act to protect victims.

The boycott could be triggered by boycotts of products such as Pepsi and PepsiCo.

“It’s not enough for the Trump administration to protect American workers and the American people from the threat of forced labor,” said Jessica Ditto, the executive director of the advocacy group.

“They need to act to end forced labour, not just in the United States, but around the world.”

The campaign also called on the US Congress to support a bill introduced in the House of Representatives on Wednesday to make it illegal to force anyone into a forced labour situation in the country.

The bill was introduced by Rep John Conyers, the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee.

We also need to protect the workers in America and around the globe from the exploitation of workers in the Americas.”