How many U.S. colleges and universities are eligible for federal funding for the arts?

The U.K.’s arts sector has received nearly $20 billion in funding since the financial crisis.

That money, however, has been divided between universities, arts centres, and private institutions.

This year, U.KS. universities will receive more than £7 billion in arts funding.

The next largest earner will be Cambridge University, which will receive £3.5 billion.

The funding comes on top of a recent £5.7 billion commitment from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to help universities attract and retain talent.

While the U.N. is planning to raise arts funding to £10 billion in 2020, many countries have been less enthusiastic.

Last year, the U .

K. was only able to secure £1 billion, while Canada was able to get £2.4 billion in support.

The U .

S. is expected to get more than $6 billion in grants and support over the next two years, but is also hoping to reach $20 to $30 billion.

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