HR employee ‘shocked’ at company’s firing

A human resources director at a Southern California-based health-care company has been fired after he posted a scathing critique of the company’s hiring practices online.

Bethany Seddon, a 37-year-old from California, shared a letter she wrote on Facebook in April to the company, Sodexo Human Resources.

The letter was shared more than 5,000 times and garnered national attention after being shared by the Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times.

It reads:Dear colleagues,I am writing to express my concern about the recent firings of several employees.

It has been over two weeks since I was fired from my position.

I am devastated.

The company has fired me and the people that I have worked with for the past two years.

I have been told by my manager that I am “the best HR director on the planet,” but that I don’t deserve that title.

I was hired as the director of human resources at Sodexos Human Resources in 2014, and I worked for the company for a period of time before being terminated last week.

I worked for Sodexosc in a variety of roles, including director of health and wellness, human resources assistant, and human resources support assistant.

I did not have the authority to act on my own and my manager had a conflict of interest.

The position I was offered was based on my experience as an intern and my personal background.

As a result of my previous experience as a human resources specialist, I was not able to adequately assess whether the people I hired were qualified to be in that position.

The positions I was given as part of my position required a high level of interpersonal skills.

This includes an ability to effectively communicate with others, to work collaboratively, and to be able to manage a team of individuals.

This was not my experience.

I cannot speak on behalf of all my colleagues, but I can speak on the behalf of myself and my colleagues.

I believe this company has lost its ability to manage and recruit people.

The HR system is dysfunctional, with a culture of retaliation against those who criticize the company.

Sodexom has a high turnover rate and I am deeply concerned that some of the people who are leaving will be the ones that leave Sodexocas human resources department.

I believe the culture of silence around the company and the company leadership has been so toxic that it is making it difficult for any employee to even speak about the situation with anyone.

I would like to speak out publicly about the discrimination I experienced at SodExo.

Please know that I want to bring the best people to the position, not the worst.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about this.

Sincerely,Sodexos human resources managerBethanie Seddons resignation letter was posted on Facebook and widely shared, garnering national attention.

It was shared by Associated Press, Los Angeles Post, and the Associated People.

A SodexoS Human Resources spokesperson said in a statement to the AP that the company is “disappointed in Bethanie’s resignation.”

The spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment from ABC News.

SodExos Human Resource said in its statement that Seddont has been promoted to the new position of vice president of human resource services and will continue in that role until the company determines her replacement.

Seddont wrote the letter in response to a message from the company that said it was “deeply disappointed in Bethany’s resignation, which we have heard from many employees at Sodesto.”

Seddon wrote on her Facebook page that she has been “frequently called upon to speak up about the discriminatory and outdated practices at Sod Exos, and we feel compelled to speak the truth to save the company.”

Sodesto Human Resource posted a statement on its website saying that Suddons resignation was a result “of a culture that doesn’t value diversity, diversity of opinion, or critical thinking.”

The statement said the company “takes every action necessary to eliminate discrimination, and that our actions to date have resulted in a positive change for the Sodestos human resource department.”

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