Standard 1 (Honesty and Transparency) :

We at R Square believe in integrity, honesty, the highest ethical standards and appropriate behavior.

We are strongly against any unethical practices of any kind and will fight with all those elements in the Industry who try to demean the professional Recruitment in the Industry.

Standard 2 (Work Relationship) :

In order to establish trust and build productive work relationships, We at R Square exercise due diligence and observe high standards of accuracy of information, for both clients and candidates.

We treat all recruitment professionals with respect and aim to work in a fair and open competitive environment.

Standard 3 (Confidentiality and Privacy) :

Whether for an existing position to be filled, or a position newly created by downsizing or market opportunity, the hiring process at R Square is strictly confidential.

When doing Mass- Mailing, Bulk SMS, or any other form of advertisement activity to get candidates, we ensure that we will not use the brand name of our clients unless a prior permission is not received..

Standard 4 (Opportunities) :

We ensure that we will treat all clients and candidates with dignity and respect, and aim to provide employment opportunities based on his ability in our business and competency related criteria.

We will always follow fair recruitment practices.

Standard 5 (Commitment to Employees- Professional Development) :

We ensure our employees that provide them with the latest recruitment practices, which will improve their knowledge, skills and qualification base.

We will provide them with a hygienic place to work from will all the basic amenities as far as possible.

We ensure that we will pay our employees a good salary for their hard work.

Standard 6 (Getting remuneration in time) :

We assure that our employers will pay salary on time. In case of any late payment situation, they can contact us to take up matter with manager.



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