• Basic Rules While Designing Your Cv

  • Make it ‘To the point’, with proper spacing between the lines. Use the KISSS Formula – Keep It Short Sweet and Simple.
  • The front page should clearly show your Name, Contact Information and Educational Qualification, as that is the first thing an Employer reads.
  • For your previous experience, your achievements should be mentioned along with the work profile  you followed there.
  • Write your Mantra for your life, for e.g. “ Success is a fickle companion – don’t take it for granted.” Give an example to go with the Mantra, e.g.
  • Mention what are your qualities that will help the employer. Don’t mention words like Hardworking, Talented etc. Use of a different vocabulary will appeal the employer to shortlist your CV.
  • Try and mention the names of References of Important people under whom you have worked or who can vouch for your work.
  • Mention one event in your professional career where you had to implement a unique idea or suggestion which at the end helped the organization.

Most Common Reasons For Rejection

  • Qualification: Apply for a job ONLY if you are perfectly qualified for it, neither under qualified, nor over qualified, otherwise you will be rejected.
  • Argument with the boss: If the candidate mentions that he was laid off or removed following an argument with the Boss or other Superior in the organization, he will be rejected by the Interviewer with the understanding that he is a bad Team player.
  • Body Language: The Candidate should have the proper body language, neither over confident, nor too timid. It is very necessary that he have a smiling face while answering the questions asked by the Interviewer. Also, if he appears to be very rigid about certain aspects, such as, salary, timings, etc. he will be rejected.
  • Carry proper Documents: If the candidate forgets any of the following documents, he will be rejected; latest updated resume, all mark sheet copies, proof of residence, and spare passport size photographs.
  • Fired from the last job: If the candidate mentions that he was fired from his last job, then the Interviewer would reject him.

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